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Global Justice & Forensic Science Project

*Disclaimer: The next paragraph does mention Sexual Violence.*

The Global Justice and Forensic Science Project will focus on research surrounding the collection of forensic evidence in Kenya of sexual assault survivors. Sexual violence is one of the most devastating consequences of gender inequality globally, and access to justice in low-resource environments is particularly challenging. Almost non-existent prosecution rates for these crimes affects confidence in the criminal justice system, exacerbates low reporting rates, and sustains a culture of impunity for perpetrators.

Examples of potential topics are listed below:

  • Legality of vaginal self-examination - would there be any possible legal challenges? (Including high and low vaginal swabs)

  • What is justice for survivors of sexual assault?

  • Issues of consent from legal and cultural perspective

  • Translations and police interviewing in Kenya – with specific focus on sexual violence.

  • Survivor experiences at trial.

  • Current state of forensic evidence across Africa.

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