The Challenges I Faced...

Coming to a country where you don’t know anyone and starting from the beginning again seems daunting, right? This was me about three months ago. I applied to Leicester university, got the offer, and landed here in October 2021 when the world was traumatized by the Novel coronavirus.

Law was something I was always fascinated about, studying in a country where the history of law began is like the cherry on top. However, I was unaware of the challenges involved. I forgot to think about the thunderstorm while I was enjoying the sun. I didn’t have any friends in the first semester, the only person I used to talk to was my mother back in my home country. I was feeling homesick and was questioning why I decided to come here in the first place. I didn’t know anything about plagiarism and referencing resources, nor did I know anything about how to answer questions. So, while other people in my course were studying the course books, I was rushing into the library searching for books about studying law. When I think about the first couple of months when I came here, I can not specifically remember anything because time flew so fast. It’s like I just came to the UK yesterday and I am here now, having precise ideas about moving forward.

Law is definitely a challenging subject. We have to remember cases and tackle some really tricky problem questions where we have to suggest parties on how the law should be applied in those scenarios. I have realized now that I had worried too much. I should have been patient and made some friends by going to some social events which I really regret. First-year does not count towards our final degree, so I think the first year is all about exploring opportunities and learning new things both academically and personally.

Deciding to study abroad and having the strength to live alone is an achievement, that’s why I really admire all the courageous international students who have decided to follow their dreams and have taken this marvellous step to be independent and successful. Life gives us numerous opportunities to grow and learn and we are so much more than just our grades, so while studying to attain the degree, one should also take care of their mental health and relax during spare time because we are never going to turn back time and live these moments again.

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