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Studying Law at University

Coming from a non-law background, studying Law has been quite a different, challenging but interesting experience. Initially, it felt daunting with the amount of learning and reading material that was required from the modules. But over time I have learnt how to organise my time effectively and work more pragmatically. Additionally, learning Law can be quite rewarding at times for instance I found the topic Judicial Review from the Constitutional and Administrative module a difficult concept to understand but I took time reading through the module book and asking questions from my tutor, the topic clicked for me. I became confident with Judicial Review that I picked it as an exam question for the summative exams!

The content is academically stimulating as you are taught to think critically on what legal statutes or common law would be applicable in the problem question solve an issue; you get the chance to actively engage with the debates on whether legal principles or statutes are useful in the present times. Studying Law challenges me to logically and critically examine the legal problems in question. I find the practical elements of the content very useful as it is nice to have awareness of these elements for example learning what legal rights the tenants have during their leases and what remedies are available for businesses when there is a breach of contract. I find it to be engaging because you are not only introduced to legal concepts, but you see them emerging in case law; how the judge's opinion form common law.

The first year of Law for me was all online as well as the exams so I had quite some time to look for revision and learning methods that suit me best. I found that making notes online helped me to access my work quicker and organise them in a manner that help me learn. The second-year has been quite a jump, as learning has moved to face-to-face and the concepts and topics have become trickier. Nonetheless, I have found online notes to still be useful as they are much quicker to type up, especially when the lecturer is talking fast and you don’t have the luxury to pause them when noting their points. I also find making a glossary for legal terms is helpful for me as I am understanding the base of it. For example, in Equity, it can be very easy to confuse what equitable and proprietary rights are etc. Recently my friends and I have been working together to go over problem questions to prepare us for the summative exams. I am hoping to take advantage of the office times of the tutors for my understanding.

Ultimately, I have found Law to be a thought-provoking subject that helped me to develop my critical and analytical skills; to be confident in my abilities.

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