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Why the Insight Project?

I joined the Insight Project during my last semester at the University of Leicester. As the new normal emerged of group work post COVID-19, I was motivated to join a Pro-Bono project at university due to my inclination towards volunteering. Research has shown that volunteering even once a month leads to better life satisfaction and overall health. My journey with volunteering began as an embellishment to my resume during my undergraduate degree, where I volunteered to tutor a student in high school every Saturday. As the research suggested, I really enjoyed myself and continued this position for one year before going on to volunteer at a local food bank. Along with the personal satisfaction and happiness I felt during these experiences, these were also opportunities to build professional skills and leadership qualities. Personally, these opportunities afforded me a way to get out of my comfort zone to improve my communication skills. I have brought these skills to my role as a Team Leader in The Insight Project, which has allowed for a better volunteer experience at the society and enriched my experience at the university as well.

The main reason that The Insight Project stood out to me was that it offers youths an opportunity to understand and experience law, so they can make an informed decision on their future career paths. Due to my past experiences with students, I felt comfortable in this role as I would be able to work with them and hopefully let them gain a better perspective of law. These formative views are very important building blocks for a young mind as they are the future of the country, and they should have a say in what values and principles govern our laws. The tasks in the project have presented an opportunity to showcase my passion for law and relay that information for future law students in a realistic manner, hoping that they are able to find their passion as well. One of the other reasons for joining The Insight Project has been the flexibility and individualism of the project that has been emphasized, which allows for better personal satisfaction. The project encourages personal input to their tasks, which is another avenue to showcase my own passion for law to share with everyone. Overall, the project has been a chief contributor to my wonderful experience at the university.

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