Law School Experience

My experience at law school has been great. During my first year of law school, I was studying remotely which was different as it restricted socialisation and the experience of meeting your peers and professors. However, now, in the second and final year of my law degree, I am in person, and it has been fantastic. The experience of physically going to class and seeing your professors in person for tutorials and lectures allows for a much more personal experience compared to studying remotely. Many of my peers in law school come from throughout Canada, and from various backgrounds. Everyone is friendly, and it is easy getting to know one another. There are plenty of social events hosted by the Canadian Law Society, which makes it easy to meet people and have a great time. Attending all your lectures and tutorials and making thorough notes during the week leaves plenty of time for going out with your friends or travelling on the weekends. Flights from the UK to the rest of Europe are much cheaper compared to flying from Canada, which makes it more affordable to travel. I found it easy to feel at home in law school, as there are many Canadian students here on the same path as me. There is a sense of unity, and support from your peers. To feel connected and meet new people, I would suggest interacting with your peers in your tutorials and lectures. Going to social gatherings and joining clubs is also a great way to meet new people. To succeed in law school, you must attend all your lectures and tutorials and take thorough notes. Doing your readings, and attending the optional workshops is also a great way to help make sense of the material provided in lectures and tutorials. Overall, maintaining a balance between studying hard, and socialising on the weekends makes law school a wonderful experience.

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