Miscarriages of Justice guest speaker event - 02 Nov, 4pm

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Wellbeing notice: This Miscarriages of Justice project event will be covering some sensitive topics, so if you feel that you want to leave at any point during the event please do. Similarly, you can email our wellbeing officer Ellie (esw5) or our president Sonia (stag3) if you have any concerns.

The University of Leicester Pro Bono society is very privileged to have guest speaker Mr John Kamara, who was convicted in 1981 of the Murder of a Bookkeeper in Liverpool. He is going to be sharing with us his experience of prison, the key elements of his case that led to his release and the impact his experience has had on his life today.

Channel 4’s Trial and Error programme took a close look at Mr Kamara’s case and he will refer to this regarding the discovering of the 201 witness statements that proved his innocence. You can watch the documentary here https://youtu.be/jtxHrGO_NrM

Please also download a copy of the handout before the event to follow along with John's talk. Download here.

Furthermore, the PowerPoint being used by Mr Kamara during his talk contains information relevant to his original case file. Therefore, we would like to politely request that no one downloads or saves any part of Mr Kamara's PowerPoint, other than the Handout provided due to the confidential nature of the information he is sharing with us.

There will be a brief Q&A at the end of the talk, but Mr Kamara may request your question to be sent via email if he feels some time is needed for him to answer. If you have any questions that are not able to be answered in the Q&A, please email your questions to Niamh Dyer at nkwd1@student.le.ac.uk and they will be forwarded onto Mr Kamara.

This is a live, Microsoft Teams event and will take place on Monday, November 02 at 4pm. Join here

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