Sonia Gandhi (President)
Hi, I’m Sonia and I am a 3rd year LLB Law student. I am interested in Employment Law as well as Law and Gender. I have been part of the Pro Bono Society since my first year beginning as a Legal Researcher. During my second year, I became director of Lawyers Without Borders and now I am the elected President of the society. I am hoping to pursue a career in the social impact sector, incorporating both my passion for law, justice and social change.
Meera Chauhan (Secretary)
I am a 2nd Year LLB Student with a keen interest in Property Law, Family Law and Medical Law. I am hoping to become a Solicitor in the near future. Pro Bono has allowed me to develop both my personal and professional skillset, as well as helping me to develop some invaluable friendships. I look forward to advancing the Society through my role as Secretary this year.
Robert Lee (Webmaster)
I am a 2nd year Law with Politics student hoping to work in government, post study. This year, I am looking forward to working with a large team and learning about all aspects of Pro Bono in my role as Webmaster.
Ellie Warrington (Recruitment Officer)
I am a 3rd year LLB student with a particular interest in criminology. I am looking to pursue a career path outside of the traditional solicitor/barrister route. Pro Bono has allowed me to develop my communication and team work skills whilst working for such a valuable cause. I look forward to being the Recruitment Officer this year to encourage more people to join this fantastic society!
Pedram Baniasadi (Treasurer)
I am a 3rd Year LLB Student with a passion for Company and Land Law. I am hoping to become a solicitor in the coming years. My journey through Pro Bono has been unforgettable and I could not ask for a better experience than the one I had the past two years. I started as an Amicus Fundraiser, finding innovative ways to ask for donations to reviewing documents of death row inmates in the United States as part of the Amicus research team and now I have the honour to be your Executive team Treasurer
Saffiya Seedat (Events Coordinator)
I am a 2nd Year Law LLB Student with a keen interest in Medical law. I aspire to be a solicitor. Pro Bono is an enriching society, which has allowed me to develop many skills that will be essential to my future profession. I look forward to fulfilling my position as the Pro Bono events coordinator.
Deepika Sivia (Publicity Officer)
I am a 3rd year law student from Vancouver, Canada. It is my 2nd year as an executive member. I am also an active member of Amicus USA and have had my work published in their newsletter! I hope to live and practice criminal law in California.
Jessica Bhakri (Wellbeing and Inclusion Officer)
I am a second year LLB JD Pathway student, interested in volunteering for non-profit organizations, travelling and learning about different cultures, and self-empowerment/growth.
Fun fact: I studied Spanish for 8 years, and also did speed stacking all through high school.
Hannah Richards (LAC Director)
My name is Hannah and I am a third year LLB student, looking to pursue a career as a solicitor in the family law sector. Advising for the Legal Advice Clinic has been an invaluable experience for me and as this year’s Director, I plan to help our advisers develop their professional skills and confidence while making a massive positive impact in our local community.
Beth Hughes (LIP Director)
I am a 3rd Year LLB Student with a keen interest in both Commercial and Intellectual Property Law. I am hoping to become a solicitor in the near future after taking the Legal Practice Course. Pro Bono has allowed me to gain valuable experience and have a real life effect of the people we work with. I am extremely excited about working as the new Director of the Court Support Service Project.
Niamh Dyer (MOJ Director)
I am a 3rd BSc Criminology student with a particular interest in forensic science, specifically the fields of toxicology, DNA and trace evidence analysis. I am hoping to become a forensic scientist in the near future. Pro Bono has given me the opportunity to analyse forensic and crime scene reports, giving me invaluable insight into the world of forensic investigation. I look forward to being the Director of the Miscarriages of Justice Project this academic year.
Wray Sulisz (LWOB Director)
I am currently a third year LLB student from the Cayman Islands. After receiving my professional qualifications I hope to return to Grand Cayman as a practicing solicitor. Pro Bono has been an enriching experience that has helped me develop the professional skills needed to practice law. I look forward to being Director of Lawyers Without Borders Student Division.
Harrison Jowett (Amicus Director)
Hi, I’m Harrison and I am a 3rd year LLB Law student. I am interested in Human Rights and pursuing a career as a commercial solicitor. Pro Bono has helped me develop a host of legal and professional skills and I look forward to continuing at my post as Amicus Director.
Shubumjeet Rakhra (I & A director)
I am a final year LLB (JD Pathway) student with experience working for the Police and Canadian Federal Government in the Immigration & Refugee department. I spent the last year using my learned-experience as a Case Analyst with I&A. I look forward to leading as the Director in the Immigration & Asylum program.
Kelvin Tayag (Street Law Director)
I am currently in my penultimate year at the University of Leicester hoping to move back to Canada and become a civil litigator. Since volunteering extensively within the community - particularly with youth - I am excited to continue the Street Law project as director and give members the chance to make a difference in others’ lives.
Kirsty Gregson (Project Insight Director)
Hi! I am a 3rd Year LLB student, I have a keen interest in both the criminal sector and, oddly, energy law! Hopefully, I will be able to qualify as a solicitor soon after my LLB. Being a part of Pro Bono has helped my legal skills advance hugely, I am much more confident in my legal expression and my ability to deal with situations involving conflict. I would recommend it for anyone looking at going into a job that involves working with the community, not just law students! I really look forward
Georgia Wilkinson (Project LIGHT Director)
I am a 3rd year Law with Criminology student. I aspire to complete the LPC and qualify as a solicitor. My main areas of interest are family law and medical negligence. Pro Bono has been central to my university experience and I am delighted with the opportunity to be Director of Project LIGHT.
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