Legal Advice Clinic: What About Me?

The Clinic is offering an opportunity for 3 students to get involved in a time-limited project to support the Leicester Family Court, and to produce a piece of writing reflecting on the position of the child when parents separate. 


In response to the What About Me? Report by the Family Solutions Group, the Court seeks to ensure that local separating parents are supported when making decisions about their children, and ensuring that their children understand their rights. 

Group work: Students taking part in this project will consider the Report, and the position of children of separating parents, and will produce online or other resources for separating parents and their children, highlighting what resources are available to assist them during the process of separation, in order to ensure that the children’s best interests are recognised. 


Individual work: Students will then reflect on the law relating to the children of separating parents and, in particular, the extent to which the child’s voice is listened to and acted upon during separation. Is the law in this area satisfactory? Each student will produce an essay on this subject (up to 2,500 words) which will be marked and given feedback. The essay with the highest mark will be published in the Student Law Review.

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