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Mission Statement

Pro Bono Society

Our mission is to create meaningful change within our local community guided by a belief in universal access to justice, opportunity, and support. We harness our collective talents, resources, and compassion to realise this vision.


Empowerment: We support those who have been marginalised or disadvantaged, providing a forum for equal opportunity. We share our knowledge, resources, and support to alleviate some social and legal burdens.

Impact: We are committed to leaving positive long-lasting change within neighbourhood organisations and community members.

Collaboration: Creating an inclusive and synergistic atmosphere allows for the combination of student's skills and perspectives within the society and beyond.

Education: In addition to providing direct aid, we are dedicated to educating the members of our community about social issues and legal rights. We strive to educate ourselves and others to create a more knowledgeable and compassionate society.

Inclusivity: Embracing diversity in all of its global aspects, we ensure that everyone is heard regardless of their unique cultural differences, experiences, and viewpoints. 

Sustainability: Our efforts are driven by our collective ideology of bringing sustainable change to our community. So, with the help of our community partners, we seek to establish new connections and strengthen those that already exist so that we can be meaningful change both now and in the future.


We hope to push emphasis around equity providing opportunities for all within the community regardless of socio-economic background. Participation and teamwork are key within the society to create positive impacts.

As members of the Pro Bono Society, we set out on this journey with enthusiasm, purpose, and a shared commitment to achieving our objective and making a significant effect. We envisage a better and more equitable future for all.

Our Goals



Increase collaboration between projects and other university societies.



Increase engagement from a wider variety of people beyond individual projects and the society for events.



Create a lasting impact on the local community with people who require assistance as a result of positive engagement and collaboration.

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