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Claire Collins
Chief Officer

“Overseeing the whole of the Pro Bono society and assisting with the running of the 9 different Projects our society promotes.”
Lucas Turner

"Supporting the team to ensure we can collectively meet the needs of both students and the wider legal community"
Alexandra Fleck
Jessica Donat
Publicity Officer

"Responsible for creating awareness of upcoming Pro Bono Society events and fostering our close-knit community"
Fiona Collins
Events Officer

"Responsible for organising all Pro-Bono Events"
Jessica Kelly

"Working closely with all areas of Pro Bono to keep the website up to date with all of our events and activities"
Sam Robinson
Deputy Publicity Officer
Kurt Glencastle
Director of the Legal Advice Clinic

"Creating access to the legal system by harmonising the knowledge of students within the Pro Bono Community."
Reece Breslin
Director of Litigants in Person
Emily Bowler
Director of Miscarriages of Justice

"Providing prisoners who have consistently argued for their innocence throughout the trial period and continue to do so now, with the tools to fight for their freedom"
Melissa Scott
Director of Amicus

"Helping to raise awareness and funds to enable fair legal representation on death row in the US"
Megan Devereaux
Director of Project LIGHT

"Strive to provide legal assistance and resources to homeless and marginalised individuals within the City of Leicester"
Lydia Selcuk
Director of the Immigration and Asylum Project

"Providing local asylum seekers and refugees with crucial support in their applications for asylum"
Hebah Berhan
Director of Lawyers Without Borders

“Not for profit organization to promote rule of law around the world”
Arunn Logan
Director of The Insight Project
Leah Chohan
Director of Street Law

"Equipping marginalised sectors of society with relevant legal knowledge through engaging presentations"
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