Lawyers Without Borders is a charitable organisation that harness the pro bono work of lawyers from around the world into volunteer service in global rule of law, capacity building and access to justice initiatives. Their aim is to develop, manage and support initiatives in human rights and global capacity building.


LWOB- SD, our main goal is to contribute to our parent organisation’s global efforts by engaging in pro bono work, for the most part through legal research and help to spread awareness regarding the initiatives undertaken by LWOB.


We compete in a Rule of Law competition, conduct legal research into human rights violations, fundraise for our parent organisation, hold debates/ events and work closely with the local Race Equality Centre.


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LWOB Student Division at the University of Leicester is a separate entity existing as a Chapter, organised under the umbrella program of LWOB Student Divisions. Opinions, Views, Positions, Activities, Events and Decisions of the Student Division, do not represent any view or position held and/or endorsed by Lawyers Without Borders or Lawyers Without Borders UK


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