Climate Crisis Project

The Climate Crisis Project is a fundraising and advocacy group founded in 2021 and functioning to bring light to pressing environmental issues. As a project, it is geared toward fundraising for urgent causes as they occur, raising awareness, and organising guest speaker lectures, fundraising events, debating competitions, peaceful protests, volunteer excursions, and a journal symposium at the end of each academic year. 

Our team is primarily focused on academic research and public lobbying to demand policy changes that can preserve the environment amidst the global crisis, which duly affects us all. This interdisciplinary approach recognises that, as a global issue, the contents of our project exceed merely the legal domain. Therefore, we aim to collaborate with other departments and organisations to achieve our common goal.

The Climate Crisis Project is a good opportunity for you to get physically involved with a political cause, while still contributing to a structured project via professional and academic avenues. It enables you to engage with current events and political dilemmas through both critical analysis and public advocacy, while being highly rewarding.

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Climate Crisis Project Director, Camilia Amouzegar