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Against Violence and Abuse (AVA)

Every 30 seconds the police receive a domestic violence-related call (HMIC (2014)).


Against Violence and Abuse (AVA) is a student-led non-profit Pro Bono organisation at the University of Leicester, seeking to educate, raise public awareness, and provide legal support to survivors of Domestic Abuse (DA), Domestic Violence (DV), and Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).

We are made up of three branches:


+ our ‘Research, Policy and Reform Team’, which seeks to contribute to academic commentary by addressing current laws, policies and lobbying for reform;


+ our ‘Mobilisation Team’, which seeks to raise awareness, campaign for change, and produce accessible materials and resources; and,


+ our ‘Legal Support Team’, which provides and ensures survivors have access to Pro Bono legal support.


AVA works with you – together, against domestic violence and abuse.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact the Director of AVA, Maegan Schmidt, at

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