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Summer Vacation Schemes

Legal Advice Clinic
Summer Vacation Scheme

How will it work?

  • Each week, two eligible students will take part, working as a team.

  • The preference is for students to be in Leicester for their Vacation Scheme, at least for the Thursday Court session. If you would like to take part but you are unable to be in Leicester please let us know and we will see if we can accommodate you.

  • Their tasks will involve advising Legal Advice Clinic clients (researching the legal issue, creating a research note, interviewing the client, then advising in person and in writing), and dealing with queries to the Clinic and the Litigants in Person Project.

  • Students will need to be available to work every day during their week, but are unlikely to be required for 5 full days. One fixed session is Thursday morning, which students will need to be available for. Client appointments are more flexible.

  • Students will need to complete online training before the start of their assigned week.

  • All students will be eligible for a bursary of £120 per week, paid at the end of the week.

Who is eligible to apply?

Who is eligible to apply? Any undergraduate law student, or returning part-time LLM student at the University of Leicester who has had an active role in the Legal Advice Clinic or on a pro bono project or the Pro Bono Society Committee in 2023-24. Eligible final year students can take part until the end of June 2024 (or any time over the Summer if they are going on to an LLM at Leicester Law School). 

Updated information contained in this document:

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