Miscarriages of Justice

The Miscarriages of Justice Project aims to aid prisoners who have maintained their innocence throughout their trial and conviction and continue to do so now.


Our Legal researchers are tasked with analysing and finding discrepancies within prisoners’ files that could lead to their conviction being quashed and the prisoner being exonerated.

The Miscarriages of Justice Project is a great way to engage practically with all aspects of real-world criminal law cases. With the goal of discovering new legal grounds, we review a variety of issues, such as the applications of legal practices, the use and misuses of evidence and inconsistencies within witness statements, with the intention of applying to the Criminal Cases Review Commission, in the hope of giving wrongfully convicted prisoners a chance at freedom.


We have a team of 24 legal researchers and 3 Team leaders working on cases throughout the year.


If you would like to get into touch regarding a potential case that you believe we can assist you with, please contact probono@le.ac.uk

Miscarriages of Justice director, Niamh Dyer

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