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Insight Project

Our Aim:

The objective of the Insight project is to inspire and lead young minds to discover their passion for law. We pursue this by visiting schools or delivering online presentations where we introduce young people to topics pertaining to law and crime through fun and interactive workshops.

This project is a fantastic way to get involved with Pro Bono, develop key skills, and boost your CV. 

Our Goals: 

During the pandemic we were able to stay connected with schools and were able to work remotely. However, this academic year will be our first all in person year and we hope to educate future students from abroad, such as those from Canada. During the pandemic, our project was successful in reaching one of the Canadian schools for a remote presentation and we were able to secure a yearly presentation with the same schools.  


Our team works well together, and everyone has a part in every bit of the presentations our project does. While working on individual projects, we help one another out with those that may be slightly tougher. Moving forward, we hope to continue reaching future students and educating them in areas that are needful of Insight.'


To learn more about the project you can have a look at our social media:


  • Instagram: uol_insightproject

  • Twitter: @InsightProject1

  • Linkedin: Insight Project UoL

If you have any further questions about this project please email

Insight Project director,
Maria Isabel M. Côrtes

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