Immigration and Asylum

The Immigration and Asylum Project aims to support asylum seekers who lack the funds to make an asylum claim. This year, the project is working with the Red Cross, volunteering with their Refugee Services team. This role involves working on case files of vast variety, providing us with more knowledge of the asylum process. The Red Cross also provide outstanding training to ensure we are equipped for the role, which will give lots of assistance to anyone wishing to study immigration law or work in the immigration field. 

The project team will continue to volunteer with the New Evidence Search Team. This involves being allocated your own client, and meeting with them to understand their claim. We then help them to find fresh evidence to submit with their new claim, enabling them to hopefully make a successful claim to seek asylum in the UK. 


Being a member of the Immigration and Asylum Project exposes you to new experiences, and great amounts of client exposure. It enables you to learn about the asylum process, and to give back to society by helping those who are in desperate need.


If you have any further questions about this project please email


Immigration and Asylum director, Shubumjeet Rakhra

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