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Street Law

“Street Law: Bridging the gap between the law and the community”

The Street Law Project values the intellectual wealth that education provides and our hope is to utilize this passion by increasing awareness through interactive presentations on topics such as employment and labour laws, women’s rights and cybercrime to the community at large. Street Law aims to influence specific groups within the community by unpacking complicated legal language, and distilling them into understandable presentations. Street Law is an excellent opportunity for students to develop public speaking skills, legal research skills, analysis, planning and coordination skills which are the very foundation for embarking on a career within the legal profession.

Following the removal of all Covid-19 restrictions, Street Law is excited to be fully back in person this year! We will continue to post presentations online, but attendance in person is encouraged and welcomed. We value project inclusion and hope that this situation will influence those outside of law to join our cause - in person or virtually. Feel free to follow us on all our social media channels for updates on the project. If you would like to join us or have any questions, please reach out to Shannon Atkin, director of Street Law at  

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Street Law Director, Shannon Atkin

Hi I'm Shannon and I will be the director of Street Law for 23/24. I enjoy travelling, reading novels and I have recently completed at 3 week vacation scheme.

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