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Project LIGHT

Project LIGHT is a collaborative effort between the School of Medicine and the Law School at the University of Leicester. The legal side of Project LIGHT (Leicester Initiative Good Health Team) was set up as a Pro Bono Project and is in its early stages of development with the desire to provide a successful legal support service for vulnerable individuals and homeless people in Leicester.  

The Project is made up of two teams that are committed to improving the lives of individuals affected by homelessness. One is a dedicated volunteer team that aims to support organizations that provide services to vulnerable people, predominantly Action Homeless and The Bridge. The team focuses on organizing fundraising events, donating collections for local charities, and engaging in health promotion sessions through volunteering. 


The second Project LIGHT team is the resource team, which seeks to raise awareness about homelessness by creating legal resources for local charities. The team hopes to run events all year round, deliver presentations, and establish legal help desks to inform individuals of their rights and assist with employment applications. 


The Project seeks to establish a more significant presence at food kitchens, supporting local charities, support groups, and mentoring schemes by COVID-19 guidelines and, at the same time, maintaining a strong online social media presence by producing educational and informative content. 

If you have any further questions about Project LIGHT, please email the Project Co-Directors: Reanne Chandla (, Deepak Saini ( or the Pro Bono Society at

Instagram: @projectlight_probono


Project LIGHT Co-director,
Reanne Chandla


Project LIGHT Co-director,
Deepak Saini

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