The Pro Bono Society at the University of Leicester offers students the opportunity to apply their legal knowledge in a rewarding and charitable environment. Our society is student-led by the Pro Bono committee and assisted by Laura Bee, a qualified solicitor, who is the new Pro Bono Manager at our University.

Pro Bono work is highly regarded by a variety of firms and organisations who seek graduate employees. We work with a number of local firms and professionals in the community in order to support the students and staff at the University as well as the greater population.

As a member of Pro Bono, you will have the opportunity to attend a number of educational and enriching events over the course of the year. Last year, these events included a Street Law Presentations workshop, an Amicus debate and a networking evening in the Harry Peach Library. We will offer a 3-day educational trip to Amsterdam visiting The Hague in January.

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