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About the Society

Pro Bono is a shortened Latin phrase which means ‘for the public, or common good’. We act for the common good of the local community, and strive to support every individual possible.

Our society is led by the Pro Bono Committee which is made up of Project Directors and an executive team, assisted by Laura Bee (a qualified solicitor). We work closely with local firms and legal professionals in Leicester with the core aim of providing legal support to the staff and students at the University, the local community and even at both a national and international level.
Our breadth of projects mean we are able to provide members with a range of rewarding opportunities from meaningful case research to clinical legal skills and public speaking.  Additionally, we run professional events throughout the academic year and host our own Pro Bono week to coincide with National Pro Bono Week.
We are a society that aims high and constantly looks at ways to improve our services. The society’s 14 projects are diverse as some are local and others are on a global scale. Our local projects: Legal Advice Clinic, Project Light, Insight Project, Litigants in Person, Windrush Compensation Project, Climate Crisis, and Street Law look to aid the local community. This includes offering free legal advice, aiding the local homeless community, educating young people about a career in law and working at the county court. The global scale projects: Lawyers Without Borders - Student Division, Immigration and Asylum, Miscarriages of Justice, and Amicus all look to make a global impact on human rights issues through conducting valuable legal research and holding events (workshops, debates and open discussions) that aim to raise awareness.

Benefits of joining Pro Bono:

  • These services help members of the community who do not have access to legal justice.

  • It is a fantastic platform to raise awareness and discuss important societal issues.

  • It is important for students to have a degree of life as well as a degree of academia. Law students can gain transferable skills through engagement with this volunteering.

  • Non-law students can demonstrate their passion for law through Pro Bono work.

  • It is an opportunity to gain exposure to legal drafting, research, case analysis and client communication.

  • It is an opportunity to feel a part of a community whilst simultaneously navigating your career.

  • You can engage in workshops, competitions, networking and other social events.

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