Project Applications

Legal Advice Clinic

Position: Clinic Administrator

The Legal Advice Clinic provides free legal advice to the public. The Clinic is a diverse and inclusive environment, and we welcome applications from any Leicester Law School student who is prepared to work hard and demonstrate their commitment to the Clinic. 

Please note: Clinic Administrator applications are open to first year students only.

Legal Advice Clinic

Position: Clinic Advisor

The Legal Advice Clinic provides free legal advice to the public. The work of an adviser involves researching a client’s legal issue, interviewing the client and then advising in person and in a letter. Each step is fully supervised by a qualified solicitor. 


Please note: Clinic Advisor applications are open to second, third and final year students only.

Litigants in Person

Litigants in Person comprises of student volunteers who work within Leicester County Court assisting individuals who have chosen to represent themselves during their case.


Community Legal Companions accompany litigants into court proceedings to take notes, fill out court forms, and prepare legal bundles.

This project provides both law and non-law students with an opportunity to gain real, practical work experience within the legal sector. 

Miscarriages of Justice

The Miscarriages of Justice Project aims to aid prisoners who have maintained their innocence throughout their trial and conviction and continue to do so now.


Our Legal researchers are tasked with analysing and finding discrepancies within prisoners’ files that could lead to their conviction being quashed and the prisoner being exonerated.

Lawyers Without Borders

Lawyers Without Borders is a charitable organisation that harnesses pro bono work of lawyers from around the world into volunteer service in global rule of law, capacity building and access to justice initiatives. Their aim is to develop, manage and support initiatives in human rights and global capacity building. 


Amicus is an international charity that defends the rights of those facing capital punishment. It focuses on ensuring fair and complete representation for the defendant and ensures that the death penalty is not applied unfairly or disproportionately to a demographic or group. Through its work, the charity seeks to raise awareness of abuses of defendant’s rights and improve access to justice. 

Immigration and Asylum

The Immigration and Asylum Project aims to support asylum seekers who lack the funds to make an asylum claim. This year, the project is working with the Red Cross, volunteering with their Refugee Services team. This role involves working on case files of vast variety, providing us with more knowledge of the asylum process. The Red Cross also provide outstanding training to ensure we are equipped for the role, which will give lots of assistance to anyone wishing to study immigration law or work in the immigration field. 

Street Law

“Street Law: Bridging the gap between the law and the community”
Street Law is an excellent opportunity for students to develop public speaking skills, legal research skills, analysis, planning and coordination skills which are the very foundation for embarking on a career within the legal profession. We value project inclusion and hope that this situation will also influence those outside of law to join our cause - in person or virtually.

Insight Project

The objective of the Insight Project is to inspire and lead young minds to discover their passion for law. We pursue this by visiting schools in underprivileged areas where we will be introducing children to topics pertaining to law and crime through fun and interactive lesson plans. 

This project is a great way to get involved with Pro Bono, develop key skills and boost your CV. 

Project LIGHT

Project LIGHT is a collaborative effort between the School of Medicine and the Law School at the University of Leicester. The Project is in its early stages of development with the desire to provide healthcare and legal support to vulnerable individuals and homeless people in Leicester.

The Project is looking to connect with local volunteering opportunities through the City Council and local charities such as The Bridge, Action Homeless and the Y Support Project.

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