Amicus is an international charity that defends the rights of those facing capital punishment. It focuses on ensuring fair and complete representation for the defendant and ensures that the death penalty is not applied unfairly or disproportionately to a demographic or group. Through its work, the charity seeks to raise awareness of abuses of defendant’s rights and improve access to justice. 

What we do:

Our project assists these objectives in two main ways. The first is through our two dedicated fundraising teams that give Amicus the ability to continue their crucial work. These teams run events all year round and host guest speakers including Sunny and Peter from The Sunny Center and Mark George QC (All pictured).

The second string to our bow are our research teams. Initially brand new for the 2018 academic year, our teams have grown to be the largest and most successful research teams in the world. They work with Amicus’ affiliate firms for us to scrutinise for legal error, inconsistency or unfair representation. 

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The Amicus Charity and the Pro Bono Society are pleased to announce the continued success of our research team. The University of Leicester Law School is now one of two universities who have the privilege of being affiliated with this status. Thank you to the University of Leicester for their support and helping us achieve a new goal!

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Amicus director, Harrison Jowett

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