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Legal Advice Clinic

The University of Leicester Legal Advice Clinic offers free legal advice to the general public. Our law students are trained to give legal advice, closely supervised by qualified solicitors in the following areas:

  • Contract

  • Consumer law

  • Employment

  • Family

  • Housing

  • Probate and Wills


Outside of the general clinic, our Family Court Clinic helps people at the family court who do not have a lawyer, usually immediately before their hearings. Our Refugee Family Reunion Clinic focusses on helping refugees and asylum seekers reunite with family members. 


The Clinic Apprentice role is available to first year law students. In this role you will learn how to become an effective legal administrator and take part in client meetings. You will learn practical legal skills and gain a preliminary insight into the legal profession.


The Clinic Advisor role is available to JD Pathway students, second and final year LLB students, and LLM students. In this role you will learn substantive and procedural aspects of the legal profession. You will practice legal skills including legal research, client interviewing and provide both verbal and written advice to clients. Time spent as a Clinic Advisor is eligible to be signed off as Qualifying Work Experience for the purpose of the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE). 


The clinic is a diverse and inclusive environment, and we welcome any eligible students who are prepared to work hard and demonstrate their commitment to the Clinic. 


If you would like a clinic appointment for some legal advice, please see our Clinic Client page here:




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Legal Advice Clinic director, Simrit Brar

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