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Magistrates' Opportunity Project

The Magistrates’ Project is a new non-exclusive Pro Bono project. We aim to raise awareness as to the possibility of becoming a magistrate whilst studying. Becoming a magistrate is a wonderful chance to make a difference in society! In parallel, our project will encourage and support students throughout their whole volunteering journey. 

The project will be divided in two teams: a reserve of students interested in serving the UK justice system as volunteer magistrates in the Magistrates’ Court, and a group of ambassadors running various events to publicise this amazing volunteering opportunity.

Any student can apply! Law students are even more encouraged to do so as court experience may be a true asset to standout after law school. Note however that applying to become a magistrate does not guarantee a successful outcome, in which case these students would be offered a place in the ambassador’s team.

For more information, contact or our Lead Ambassadors (below)

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