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A Look Into a Law Student’s University Life

As a Canadian student studying at the University of Leicester, it has been quite different than what I expected. Initially, when I applied to Leicester I had intended to travel and live there for the duration of my studies, but COVID certainly put an end to that. Some general information about the University of Leicester includes that the school is very helpful when it comes to providing any paperwork and any questions with the courses. All professors and tutors are always there to help. Last year, the pandemic affected and changed many students’ plans including myself and I was unable to travel to Leicester. This meant I had to study online and at first, it seemed nerve-wracking to be in law school and study remotely, but Leicester’s collection of staff made it very welcoming.

The university was able to transition quickly to an asynchronous learning method that took some time to get used to but eventually was very helpful and engaging. I am currently a final year Law JD Pathway student who has studied remotely for the duration of my program. This did come with some struggles early on but the resources and staff at Leicester quickly eased my concerns and I can confidently say that my learning has taken a step in the right direction. A golden rule that helped me throughout university regardless of studying remotely or in person was to be organized and not fall behind in readings. Also, getting involved with societies and clubs made the university experience more real and allowed me to meet and network with more people. The student's union is the place to go for all societies and information about clubs and academics.

Even studying remotely, my first year went by so fast so I advise you to enjoy every moment you can! Make sure you keep up with the readings and lectures, but also take time to enjoy yourself too. As a student studying remotely, I did not have the chance to travel and live in the UK, but I have heard many stories that Leicester is a vibrant and diverse city that will help make you feel at home. I would have loved to be in person and explored the cities and their surroundings, but the academic community online has helped me feel included in most aspects of university life. All in all, my experience at the University of Leicester has been one that I will never forget.

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