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Blog 1: First Insight Project Meeting and Pro Bono Society Lecture

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

I have always had great expectations regarding my last year of university. Since starting my undergraduate journey, I have appreciated that my third year would be the best time for me to focus on my career goals and the opportunities available at the University of Leicester. As a result of that, I embarked on the journey of acquainting myself with the Pro Bono Society, and more specifically the Insight Project. After the primary research was completed, I had no doubt that this specific project was the right initiative for me due to its involvement with the future of young individuals and the assistance they provide- something I wish I had experienced when I was applying to universities. Consequently, when the time for our first meeting came, I was genuinely hopeful that the organisation would be as good in person as it sounded on paper. As a matter of fact, ten minutes into the introductory session, which was held on the 17th of November, I could confirm it in my head- “yes, it is”. Even though I am not a Law student (the discipline I specialise in is International Relations) every person who was present that day welcomed me with open arms. I was pleased to learn more about the people I was going to work with, all the objectives the project encompasses, and my specific role as a Project Consultant. Our director, Dibjeet Kaur, did an excellent job presenting all the information and connecting with every single one of us and our ideas for the future of the collective. Furthermore, I was impressed at how motivated everyone was, and the attentiveness they demonstrated towards other teammates.

The second part of the event was a formal introduction to the Pro Bono Committee. I had a pleasant time hearing the motivations behind their decisions to occupy a leading position in the society. One instance that is still vivid in my memory is the passion Camilia Amouzegar, the Director of the Climate Crisis Project, had while explaining why caring for the climate is caring for our future. Even though I strive to take care of the nature around me, her speech had an even greater effect on how I treat the environment.

To commemorate this new 2021/2022 chapter of the society, a professional photographer was hired. His pictures successfully captured the present individuals whose aspirations and dreams will bring the world one step ahead. May the photographs remind everyone of the ambition and potential they are in possession of, regardless of the obstacles which will test their patience and hard work.

Overall, I would state that the first meeting of the semester was in equal quantities vastly educational and inspirational. Finally, I cannot forget to mention all the sweet treats that were promptly devoured (thankfully off-camera).

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