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Pro Bono & ELSA Leicester Commercial Update, Essay Writing Competition!

The "Pro Bono & ELSA Leicester Commercial Update" is a new initiative aimed at raising awareness and educating people about important matters relating to European Union Law, Economics, Politics, the environment and international relations. Students involved will contribute to the blogging, education, information and networking initiative to appeal to lawyers, law and non-law students and other interested parties keeping them up to date about changes in the cross over between these areas.

The "Pro Bono & ELSA Leicester Commercial Update" invites you to participate in an essay competition:

The essay question is: 'Do you think that EU law remains relevant to the UK after Brexit? Justify your answer. (750 - 1000 words)'

Submissions open: Monday 18th October and close at 11:59PM on Friday 5th November.

All submissions should be returned to (President of Pro Bono) and to (Jola, President of ELSA).

From this competition, 10 blog writers will be selected to write a small article with a maximum length of 300 words: minimum 3 small articles per semester.

The best essay will be published in the Law Review.

We are excited to receive your submissions!

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