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The Insight Project – 2022/23 Agenda

By Parneet Grewel – Director of the Insight Project

My name is Parneet Grewal and I’m in my final year of the JD-Pathway LLB program. I was a part of the Insight Project last year as a Project Consultant, I enjoyed this role and was able to bring the Insight Project to Canada. As my first year came to a close, I applied to become the director of the Insight Project. I was fortunate enough to get the role. Initially, I was slightly overwhelmed and thought that this role would take over my life; as a final year student, and someone who had to move to a different country, studies, and life combined are already a lot to juggle. However, I have always held a strong mindset where I believe that nothing is impossible or too overwhelming if you are able to manage your time. So, with that in mind, I picked up and moved from Canada to Leicester. So far, it has been a great experience.

Once the school year began, a new mini-project was introduced to the Insight Project. This new mini-project is a huge opportunity for the University but also for the Pro-Bono Society and Insight Project. For this new opportunity, I was required to put together a larger than usual team. This meant that there was to be a substantial number of interviews; I was able to conduct around 40 interviews and recruit a sizable team.

However, something I have noticed so far as the Director is that being friends and being someone in a managerial role can be difficult. I have had to learn to balance out the role I am in and the responsibilities I hold (ensuring everything is being run efficiently) along with the friendships I have been building. Along with these challenges, I am thankful for the team we have this year.

The Insight Project is currently working on some new projects for this academic year, including producing podcasts where Canadian members discuss their experiences and British members discuss theirs in contrast; and, working with various local schools where the Insight Project will be working with underprivileged students, bringing them exposure about the law/opportunities available to them. These new projects are very exciting, and our team is extremely enthusiastic to begin working on them!

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is a success.” – Henry Ford

Fruit for your thought: Would you prefer remote schooling, or do you enjoy this in person experience?

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