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Abby Sawbridge, Insight Project: Motivations for Participating in Pro Bono

Insight Project will be publishing a series of blogs over the coming weeks. The first week's blogs focus on the motivations and experiences of its team.

This blog is written by Abby Sawbridge, Insight Project Team Lead

Abstract: “Studying Law at university isn’t just about academia, it is so much more than that. Pro Bono is just one of the extracurriculars you can get involved in. Keep reading to learn more about Pro Bono at the University of Leicester.”

Pro Bono Blog Post

Before I started my course at the University of Leicester, I knew I wanted to make a positive impact on wider society and volunteer as much as I could alongside my studies. Becoming a team member of the Insight Project gave me a huge sense of responsibility and accomplishment through supporting students, giving them an equal opportunity into education. Having been a member of the Insight Project since my first year of university, I have been given the opportunity to develop my skill set and subsequently acquire the position of team leader, which has motivated me even more. Pro Bono is a great way for me to detach myself from studying and help others reach their goals and become the best versions of themselves.

Furthermore, joining the Pro Bono Society has allowed me to widen my connections and meet students from varying year groups. There have also been many networking events to get to know people better and understand their passion and motivators. We are a very tight-knit society, which means we are all able to work collegiately towards a common goal of bettering the communities we live in. Not only has the Pro Bono Society inspired me to become a better version of myself, but it has also motivated me to engage in more volunteering work outside of university such as writing letters to NHS workers and enrolling onto a pen pal scheme with care home residents.

Engaging in Pro Bono work has allowed me to flourish as an individual and provided me with many important skills such as public speaking, teamwork and communication. Being a member of the Pro Bono Society has given me the ability to understand the ways in which others thrive and opened my eyes to the flaws in society, which I have been able to act on. The skills which I have developed are extremely transferable and will aid me in my future career, which I am extremely grateful for.

Overall, the Pro Bono Society has developed my understanding of core aspects of the law through delivering presentations around criminal proceedings and orchestrating mock trials alongside my dedicated team through the Insight Project. Helping others is always at the forefront of our decisions, and witnessing students benefit from our offerings is truly special. I am confident that the skills and knowledge I have acquired through being a member of the Pro Bono Society will aid me in my future career in the legal profession.

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