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Studying Law at University and My Experience So Far…

Law is a controversial topic. It is defined as the system of rules which a particular community recognises as regulating the actions of its members. However, there is no one right answer, nor is there one right way to look at it. Studying law was always of interest to me because of this, to be able to understand the law, as it controls and regulates society, but to also be able to work alongside it to help the law maintain order amongst a community.

My experience of studying law at the University of Leicester has been a learning journey. The course is structured so that all lectures are pre-recorded online, with workshops and tutorials taking place on campus. When I first learnt of this, I was not particularly ecstatic as I thought I wouldn’t be getting as much as I could out of the experience. However, upon completing Semester One and being part way through Semester Two, I have found this structure to be better, personally. This is because I can manage my time better around extracurricular activities. Likewise, it allows me to go through the lectures at my own pace, to make sure I am completely understanding the material. Additionally, to this, with workshops and tutorials taking place face-to-face, these give me a chance to consolidate my knowledge, and ask questions if necessary. For me, this structure gives the ultimate outcome I need to achieve my potential in Law.

When I applied to study law, I was not aware of all the different modules. I was convinced that as a lawyer I would specialise in either Family Law or Commercial Law. Since starting University, I have studied Analysing Law, Law, Justice and Society, Contract Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law and Tort Law. In my experience, not only has my knowledge of law changed as I have been introduced to new subjects within Law, but my views of the law have also changed, specifically through Analysing Law, as I did not know of the different lenses the law could be looked through.

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