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Emile Hashim, Insight Project: Motivations for Participating in Pro Bono from a Non-Law Student

Insight Project will be publishing a series of blogs over the coming weeks. The first week's blogs focus on the motivations and experiences of its team.

This blog is written by Emile Hashim, Insight Project Team Member

My motivations behind joining the Pro-Bono Society at the University of Leicester were due to several contributing factors. A key motivating factor in joining the Pro-Bono Society is that the core values and aims for the common good by aiding others represent and inspire the underrepresented communities. This aligns alongside my core values in which to strive for justice and do good for those in need by actively and aiding others. The large scope of projects offered by the Pro-Bono society meant that I can carefully select one that would best suit my situation and aspirations.

Additionally, another key motivating factor in joining the Pro-Bono society were the networking opportunities that had expanded my outreach and horizons, not limiting myself to just those doing a similar degree as me as well as the many events presented by the Pro-Bono society that had a deep impact in my breath and knowledge for law and applying the law.

Coming from a non-law background, studying International Relations and History, in all honesty, I was very nervous and anxious before joining the society as my scope and knowledge for the law was somewhat limited which led me to fear I would become a liability in the projects that I would be a part of and joining as non-law student mixing with people I have never met or seen before was very daunting to me. However, the process of joining the society was very welcoming and a memorable experience. At the time, I was the first non-law student to join the Insight Project meant it is a proud experience that I will cherish.

By joining the Pro-Bono society meant that I was able to learn and apply many legal jargon and concepts as well as develop the necessary skills that are needed as a lawyer albeit it being for an industry-related skill and a range of soft skills. These opportunities that are presented by the Pro-Bono society would in turn support me in my future legal career once I have completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Law (PGDL). Furthermore, why the Pro Bono society will support me in my future legal career is that for someone who will eventually enrol into law school after my degree, the Pro-Bono Society provides the legal frameworks and the experience needed for future lawyers, therefore, after joining the Pro-Bono society it had enabled me to see the law in context and to understand what it means on a deeper level. In doing so, the Pro-Bono society has helped me in preparing for my post-graduate diploma in law.

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