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Sadia Binte Sekander, Insight Project: My Experience of Pro Bono

Insight Project will be publishing a series of blogs over the coming weeks. The first week's blogs focus on the motivations and experiences of its team.

This blog is written by Sadia Binte Sekander, Insight Project Team Member

Abstract: The friendships I have made in Pro bono last a lifetime! Find out about how being a team member and wellbeing officer has helped me time manage and create lifelong friends!

We, the Insight Project inspire and lead young minds to discover their passion for law. We have done this throughout the year by visiting schools in underprivileged areas and introducing children to topics pertaining to law and crime through fun and interactive lesson plans. This means that we must enjoy working closely as a group to prepare the fun interactive lesson plans. I personally have been involved twice in preparing presentations for younger minds. This involved endless support on behalf of all the members and therefore, I have developed teamworking skills and additionally improved my communication skills. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have been preparing a school for their upcoming mock trial by holding online zoom presentations which I took part in. This has taught me to adapt to any given circumstances and make the most out of it! Furthermore, being the Wellbeing Officer of the Project has enhanced my social skills whilst being on top of Uni work. This assures a well-balanced future for me since I am heavily involved with extra-curricular activities outside work and studies. Being a dancer, myself means that I must spend quite some time practising before my performance. Other than that, I am a social bee and hence like sparing some time socialising too.

The Insight Project prioritises and respects social boundaries. It ensures a safe space for all the members to have fun whilst working and not consider the tasks a burden. But most importantly, the Insight Project team is very closely linked. I know for a fact that if I am in need of any sort of assistance, I can always reach out to the team. It has given me a sense of family within the project with members who I have never known previously. The friendships that you make within the Project is ensured to be for life- the folks are so nice! It gives us a sense of community and strengthens our confidence in hoping the best out of our individual careers.

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