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The Climate Crisis: Where Do Our Priorities Lie?

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Climate change or the climate crisis has been an ongoing issue for decades and continues to affect us every day. The basic concepts are taught in educational systems, we grow up to understand that climate change is important to address and will have devastating effects in the future. The question is why is not considered a priority? Why is an issue that is being discussed and affects us every day not a priority?

The simple answer- it is not at the top of the priority list. Whilst world leaders work on solving social and political issues, the situation deteriorates. The world is not willing to change or disrupt their way of life. In this modern era, we have become dependent on modern technologies which form an integral part of our society- removing or obstructing this is not the solution. It is not a priority because there is no simple solution- we cannot ban transport or completely inhibit the use of non-renewable energy, the commercial industries and society as it is would collapse. Therefore, without a simple solution that is not the usual orthodox response, the climate crisis will continue to not be a priority. Extensive research, resources and dedicated industries are required to find solutions that are both sustainable and relatively easy to execute.

[1] Until we find this solution, we cannot simply sit on the side lines. MUN Impact, a non-profit organisation working for youth empowerment through sustainable development goals, launched the 100k Deeds program- supporting and documenting youth action which works towards achieving SDGs. According to their data, SDG 13 (Climate Action) was the second most popular deed submitted alongside SDG 15 (Life on Land) being the first. According to young people from all over the world, climate action is a priority and to mitigate the climate crisis, even the smallest of steps are significant.

In order for the climate crisis to be a priority, we do not need to have complete solutions,

nor can we wait until leaders or professional industries find such solutions. We can take small steps to reduce and prioritise the climate crisis. The main question is where do our priorities lie? As the youth of today, we continue to address and fight the future we inherited. Clearly our priority is our future.


[1] MUN Impact, ‘100k Deeds Challenge’, <> Accessed 17th March 2022

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