Welcome Freshers and Returners!

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Welcome Freshers and Returners! You’ve managed to find the Street Law blog page. Although not a blog entry (don’t worry we will be uploading some in they coming weeks when we have our team) the flyer above contains information about the roles available within the street law team.

As you are now on the pro bono website please have a look at the Street Law project page where you will find our social media links and please follow us on instagram if you are interested in being part of pro bono, as you can learn more about us and when recruitment will take place.

Applications for the roles available will be on the pro bono website under the ‘apply’ section.

If you have an questions whether it be about pro bono, street law or just uni life in general please feel free to email the director, Detee at dr230@student.le.ac.uk or reach out to us on instagram and we will be more then happy to help.

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