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A Canadian Living in the UK as a Law Student

By Gurpreet Kaur Nagra -

Project Coordinator on the Insight Project

I am a Canadian studying at the University of Leicester as a first-year law student. I have been in the UK for about two months now, and I am still adjusting to certain parts of the lifestyle here. Though, the first two weeks required the most mental strength. My decision to come to Leicester was quite last minute as I had to change the course of my initial plans of staying in Canada. The mental shift required much strength and preparing for what was coming was necessary. I booked my flights about a month in advance and allowed myself enough time to prepare for the big move. On September 19, 2022, I arrived in the UK after 12 rough hours of travelling to Leicester. The adjustment was a lot more than I expected. The biggest one: is the food options. As a big foodie, I found it quite challenging to find flavours that resonated with my life back home. I am still adjusting to this and finding tasteful recipes but also accessible with my busy schedule is constantly in my Google Search.

Although the beginning was tough, I am thoroughly enjoying my experience here. I have met some amazing people, some of whom came from the same town as me, whom I would not get a chance to meet back home. During down times, there are many opportunities to explore neighbouring cities and countries. For example, Birmingham is about 1 hour away, and London is about 2 hours away, which are the perfect weekend getaways.

If I had a do-over, would I choose this journey again? Absolutely! Although the beginning was hard, just in my second month, I have learned a lot about myself and what it's like living alone. Additionally, studying the law has been my dream since high school. Leicester paves the way for individuals who want to get a law degree and become lawyers easier than it is back home in Canada. It allows individuals who find the LSAT challenging to skip that step and focus on grades and personal statements. Also, if you have previously done an undergraduate degree, I found the content quite like that experience. So, the transition into the law content was a lot easier than I expected.

Are you considering studying abroad? Here is what I suggest from my experience. Have someone fly with you and help you settle in. My parents stayed with me for a week, which was enough time for me to settle into my accommodation and buy groceries and household utensils, and it also gave my parents a chance to see around my new city. Next, I would locate a bigger grocery store near you where you can go grocery shopping. I go grocery shopping every two weeks. sometimes I can go almost three weeks without needing to go again. As for now, only two months into my journey, I suggest focusing on your mental and physical health and staying on top of your readings. However, do not worry if you feel like you are falling behind because everyone is in a similar boat. So, if you are considering coming to Leicester, be prepared for a lot to change, some rainy walks to school (or UBER rides) and to fulfil your dreams of becoming a lawyer.

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