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How my rejection turned into redirection

Written by Nife Oluwatayo - Insight Team Member

I began studying law at the University of Leicester in September 2022. I love it here, from the law school to the city itself. With the great friends I have made, my experience in university so far has been amazing. Coming to Leicester, however, wasn’t my original plan. In year 13, I selected a different university as my first choice. I was willing to do anything I could to be accepted, so I worked hard throughout my A-levels, aiming to achieve this goal. In August 2022, I received my results, and they were a bit lower than I expected. This crushed me. It felt as though everything which I had worked so hard for, had crumbled, and I didn’t know what to do. Leicester was my insurance, as I knew that I had been accepted there already. I always liked Leicester, and even though it wasn’t my top university, I was still happy to go there.

I spent the next few weeks thinking about Year 13, and why I didn’t get the grades that I wanted. It caused me to question my academic abilities, and it significantly reduced my confidence. It made me feel as though I was not good enough, or that I hadn’t worked hard enough, even though I had worked the hardest I ever had in my life.

I moved to Leicester in September, and instantly my feelings of apprehension melted away. I felt at peace. I was pleasantly surprised with how beautiful the city was and how much there was to do; this made me feel better. I began studying at the university, and my happiness has only increased from there. I began meeting people in my program and started interacting with my tutors and professors. Everyone here is so friendly and welcoming, it made me feel at home. As I began to engage with my lectures and my work, I found that my passion for law was overwhelming, and it reminded me how grateful I was to be able to study it, no matter what university I went to.

Quickly, I regained my confidence, and I was able to fully enjoy myself and stop beating myself up about the past. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change a thing. I am so happy and thankful that I am in Leicester. It is an amazing university with amazing people, where opportunities are always waiting!

If I could give anyone a piece of advice, I would say that rejection is always redirection! Even if at the time it feels like your world is falling apart, everything happens for a reason. Always try your best, and the world will put you where you are meant to be.

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