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Why I joined the Insight Project

Written by an Insight member.

I joined the Insight Project for a plethora of reasons, such as wanting to create presentations on the Law, set to be delivered to students in underprivileged areas. Alongside that, I was also aiming to explore my creative side by writing blog posts dedicated to my experience as a law student at the University of Leicester. All of these experiences would be a great addition to my CV which I am constantly working towards improving. In this post, I will discuss why I chose to be a part of the Insight Project and what the project has to provide to any other law students looking to gain experience in Pro Bono work.

Firstly, what exactly is the Insight Project? The Insight Project is a Pro bono project that aims to provide insight into the Law as well as insight into being a Leicester Law student. Throughout my time on the project, I have worked together with a team of colleagues to create and deliver presentations on areas of the Law. Some topics that we touched on included the potential careers students can obtain if they were to complete a Law degree and seek a job in this field of work. These presentations were also delivered to schools throughout the COVID period. This along with creating blogs on topics such as our experiences as students all help towards completing the main objective of the Insight project which is to provide an understanding of what it is to be a Leicester Law student as well as what the course itself is like.

I joined the Insight Project as I liked the idea of creating presentations to make students more aware of the opportunities available to them if they were to pursue a career in Law. As someone who is the first person in their immediate family to attend university, I want to encourage others who are also in a similar position to know about the opportunities out there, especially in Law. I did this last year for example whilst completing my part of the presentation on specific job profiles, illustrating certain career choices available. Students from schools in underprivileged areas may not be aware of what is out there in regard to this degree and may have questions or misconceptions that they want to clear up, which is what the presentations serve a great purpose for!

By joining the Insight Project, I also had the opportunity to work on my creative skills by brainstorming and producing engaging blogs that can provide value to others. I can work on my writing skills and simultaneously tell my experiences to hopefully help any person that may come across them. Lastly, this project has left me with a range of skills and experiences that I can add to my CV to demonstrate my engagement with the field of law itself.

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